Sunday, October 28, 2007

right to live

Everyday millions of people live with terrible diseases. Terrible enough to make them want to rather end their life than continue living it the way that they are. In my personal opinion life is a privledge, not a right. If everyday people take their own lives because they are capable of doing so, why can some not do so becuase they do not have a capability of doing so? I think that taking ones life is never the answer, but in situations when that may seem the only way out of being locked into hell, they should be able to do so.


The movie The sea inside has many simularities to the book the diving bell and the butterfly. In both the movie and the book, our main charecter is paralyzed. In the book the diving bell and the butterfly, the main charecter is comepletely paralyzed after a massive stroke and cannot even twitch his finger. But although he can twitch his eye to write a book, he never asks to be killed. He lives a proportion of his life just watching what is going on when on the other hand Ramon, in the sea inside can talk and eat ect, he begs to be killed. He does not think that a life is lived unless it is lived with movement, but the main charecter in DBATB still lives through his misery without complaint. It is hard to put the shoes on of someone in a hard situation like that and tell completley honestly what one would do, but it would take a very very strong person to not want to be killed and although many would want to be, in dbatb he lives his life to the fullest that he can.

film techniques

The movie "The sea inside" is a personal one with an attatched feeling for the watcher. There are many film techniques to make the film feel personal. They use techniques like extreme close ups to feel for the main charecters. The film uses things like panning when the main charecter Ramon in his enviornment with the world around him. The movie uses high angle, sort of as a birds eye view to seem farther away from what you are watching while when the rest of the movie is more close and personal. The tracking technique is used for when the movie shows Ramon jumping into the water before is becomes quadripeligic. The Movie ises a range from close ups, juxtapositions, tracking, and many more to feel for the charecters feelings. This was a movie that without its film techniques it may not have the large importance that it has.

Blowing in the wind

Everyday millions of people strive to become famous. Whether they want to make it in movies, or singing, many are willing to do anything to get out there. And then there are the ones that do become famous. The ones that are lucky enough to get just a moment of time in a music producers business. Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan was one of the few that did make it. But unlike "Hannah Montanna" or some of the stars that do not haveas much pur talent, Bob Dylan did and always will. He touched millions of people with his poetic lyrics and low key folk tunes. Bob Dylan was lucky enough to make it, and he stayed and stays famous by his committment, faith, untouchable talent.
No matter how talented one may be, there are still many factors that contribute to becoming a star. One of the main factors is committment. "I did everything fast. Talked fast. Ate fast, i even sang my songs fast. I needed to slow my mind down if i was going to be a composer with anything to say." (p. 84) As soon as Bob Dylan started to be heard and started to become famous, he got ahead of himself. But Bob Dylan knew that no matter how famous he may seem, it could be snatched from underneath him and so he needed to slow down and not get too much ahead of himself if he was going to make it. On page 3 when Bob is being first noticed, he meets Jack Dempsey who is not so sure that Bob will become a musician. Jack isn't exactly cheering him on, he is more so expecting that bob does not make it. But Bob takes his uncheering feedback, and channels it into hardwork that gets him by. For some, the negative feedback may get them to be discouraged but his comittment would not budge.
Bob Dylan had a faith in his music. He did what he loved and that got him somewhere. "My destiny wouldn't be made manifest up here at feeds, but there was no way to know that in these moments while putting down my early songs into a tape recorder". (p. 291) Although he was not quite sure where his music was getting him at the time, he had the faith and love for his music to believe in himself that he could make it. On page 148 Bob had just ended touring with Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers when he realiezes that his music isn't what it used to be, and it was been conformed into something else over this period of time. Bob has a faith in what he does and he knows that, that alone can help him get by.
Along with Bob Dylans new sound of folk, he had an untouchable talent. One that could never be compared to. On page 290 a famous music producer states, "Theres something unique about your songs, but i just cannot quite put my finger on it." There was something that Bob had that noone else did. Something that no one quite understood. And that was folk. It was different that the pop and bop that was going on at the time.
Bob Dyaln is one of the most remembered and cherished musicians of our time. His albums are full of literacy that are uncompatable to pop, blues, rock etc. Bobs music will be remembered forever. He was the first and only man to come with folk. He never changed his music for anyone else and was a free spirit. Bob made it in Hollywood and stayed by his faith, committment and dedication, and untouchable talent. He is remembered and always will be by millions around the world.