Sunday, October 28, 2007


The movie The sea inside has many simularities to the book the diving bell and the butterfly. In both the movie and the book, our main charecter is paralyzed. In the book the diving bell and the butterfly, the main charecter is comepletely paralyzed after a massive stroke and cannot even twitch his finger. But although he can twitch his eye to write a book, he never asks to be killed. He lives a proportion of his life just watching what is going on when on the other hand Ramon, in the sea inside can talk and eat ect, he begs to be killed. He does not think that a life is lived unless it is lived with movement, but the main charecter in DBATB still lives through his misery without complaint. It is hard to put the shoes on of someone in a hard situation like that and tell completley honestly what one would do, but it would take a very very strong person to not want to be killed and although many would want to be, in dbatb he lives his life to the fullest that he can.

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