Tuesday, November 6, 2007

dbatb hw

The memoir The Diving Bell and The Butterfly has left me still determining how I feel about the situation of which the author was in. I have thought about the book’s meaning and still have not been able to find a true meaning to why it was written. I have some ideas such as he wanted to show people how life was for him, or maybe to show others that he could accomplish something while being “locked in”. I feel three main things about this book. One of these things would be great sadness. I feel sadness because the author could not move besides the blinking of his eye. When I read a book, I always put myself in the shoes of the main character, with the main character in this book being a paraplegic it was difficult for me to relate. Another emotion that I feel towards this book is confusion. It was difficult for me to figure out how everything really pieced together. The part that mainly confused me would be when he began talking about the matron of the hospital and how they were dancing together. It was difficult for me to visually picture those chapters. A final emotion that I feel would be achievement for the author. I thought it was really great that he achieved so much for a person in that situation. He wrote a book-I would definitely not think of writing a book with my body so confined. I would rather have people mope and feel sorry for me, which I know is not the right way to go about that. So, in my opinion this book was not one that I would chose to reread or commonly suggest to people. The genre of memoirs does not really attract me to start out so I may already have a bias.

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