Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B #1

Response: Dear Josie. I understand the troubles and changing’s that go with the whole high school. I know that high school is hard and that friends can consistently change but I cannot understand why you excluded peter from your life. He was there for you when you needed him and unlike your new more “popular friends” he was a good friend to you and deserved much better than you left him with. With great sorrow I say that you play a role in peters reasoning’s for shooting at the school caused by him being so depressed. With you he felt that he had a home, a rock that would not move but as high school came around you shouldn’t have been afraid to be yourself. Don’t get me wrong sometimes things like this sound easier than they are but i think that you would have been happier. Peter knew that Matt was cruel to you. Peter would have never laid one finger on you if it was to be cruel. In life we can walk on the road, doing what we feel is right, walk in the footsteps of others on the sidewalk because sometimes it is easier, or we can walk on the grass and do our own thing. What we wish to do and what we actually pursue are two different things but I think that you made a mistake. I am not blaming you for what happened but I think that you should feel some guilt towards the situation. Life has its ups and defiantly its downs but I think that life is too short to blame. Peter will probably be in jail for a very long time and instead of blaming you, I feel sorry for you that you will never get the opportunity to make up what you did. Being happy and being content are two different things and sure you may be happy in this life again, maybe even tomorrow but until you pay your dues having a content life will be very, very difficult.

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