Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post B #2

Response: Dear Peter. High school is tough. It is only my first year that i have been here but i know already this journey will be a very difficult one. People whom you thought you knew can turn out being entirely different people than you once thought they were. Through all the jerks and mean people i try to remember that they are meaningless in the scheme of it all. I am not saying that i know how you feel because i do not. I have had tough times but nothing like what you have been through. I do know that after these painful awkward school days, we can grow up in a completely different direction that we were once headed. I will not take pity on you because i know that if all of the teens around the world expressed their anger in the way you did, there woudn't be many teens alive today. Life can be tough but it is what we make of it. You shot people, some that you hated and were trying to get back at and others just because you were in the heat of the moment. I will not take pity however i will not blame you and tell you what i am sure you have heard hundreds of times from your peers and other adults. "you could have talked to someone..." etc. i know that it is easier said than done but why peter? i ask why you did what you did. High school may be one of the hardest battles to fight, but once we're done...we're done for good and you will never get to expirence that. i think knowing that is punishment in itself for your actions.

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