Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The book, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly has truely changed my life. After reading this book it makes me think about how lucky I am to not be like Jean. The conditons he lived with every waking day is something I could not handle in my life. Jean does say it he would have almost rather died, but for me I would have rathered die. Never being able to eat, talk, even go to the bathroom on my own would bring me so down I wouldnt be able to stand living. The courage and patience Jean had is unreal to me. I do not understand for about a year Jean would sit dreaming about how life was great. In most cases people let reality take over, but Jean was different. He tryed to dream and think about what he used to have and not let beeing locked in his body stop him from being himself. The struggles he faced with his wife and family to me seemed the hardest. Not having someone with me who truely loved me 24/7 would kill me. Litteraly kill me. I dont understand how his wife could just leave him like that after all that happened. I mean I understand she would never be able to talk to him, or know what real love was like again but he was in a desperate condidtion. To me, if I was in this situation as the wife, i would stay with my housband until his last days. I loved the book and I would love to read another memoir just like this one!

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