Sunday, January 6, 2008

Debate blog

School Debate: These obviously occur in school. These debates is are very persuasive and try to impact others decisions. Although these debates are sometimes unstructured, they can very well be structured. Family Debates: Each family goes through their own family debates. Sometimes they are simple and other times more complex. The purpose of these is to find a median, or aresolution to a problem usually among sibings and parents. Sometimes these debates are structured by parents allowing each person a specific amount of time to get across the table what they want. When it is unstructured this sometimes leads to chaos and no resolutionsPolitical Debate: Sometimes these are on tv to get idea acoross about campaigning or elections. It shows people what the candidates are made of and what they have to offer It helps arrive at a better decision, because we then can decide who we agree or disagree and who we feel will do their job to its full potential. The debate is structured, which allows the candidates to get the same amount of time making it unbiased or it is set up in a way that makes it an equal chance for the candidates.

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