Sunday, January 6, 2008

Post B #3

Dear Alex Cormier, Throughout Peters life you have done a great job at being a parent. i wanted to write you to tell you that although he may not show it, Peter is grateful for your love. I know that sometimes i can be mean to my mom and push her away, but at the end of the day i really do love her and i always appreciate what she does for me. Highschool is one of the hardest times of someones life with bullies and pressure, you have done all you can and you cannot beat yourself up for what you have done for your son. You have loved him and shielded him as much as possible but things happen in our lives that we cannot control. I know that this is hard for you with Peter but you have to remember that you have done what you can and it is going to be hard for quite sometime now, but hang in there and you will make it through all of this. Just remember to give peter your love because that is what he needs right now and dont get down on yourself because you have done everything in your power that you can do.
Sincerley-Jen Hoch

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