Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Post A #5

"Growing up involves all sorts of challenges but if you're not willing to deal with them you will fall hard" -Alex Cormier. This quote relates to the book in the sence that anger sometimes overrules the happiness and sometimes although what we want to believe is that we live in a beautiful world, the truth is that we live in a cynical world full of war and hatred. Christians believe that there are demons in this world but in the end, God the father will beat out the devils. I am a christian and as much as i do believe in my faith i think that sometimes the demons in this life can overpower the good. Peters life was not always troubeled but when it did take the turn for the bad it went to the worst. Peter was alone in the cold harsh world of highschool. Love overrules in the end but sometimes in situations like Peters, the good does not come through. I believe that everyone has second chances and maybe through peter serving his time, he will find goodness. Maybe someday Peter will be the person that he wanted to be. Strong and able but until then he will live in his hell.

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