Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post B #6

Dear Jodi, I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for this book and your other books. Your style of writing is so different than any other and each book keeps me plugging away until i am at the conclusion which is usually a shocking and surprising, yet suttle and myterious. I have read many of your books but 19 minutes has been my favorite by far so far. The charecters are so intertwined and interesting. Many women that are not in their teenage years have a hard time putting into words what highschool is exactly like with all the troubles, but i can tell that you took the time to research what it would be like for a teenager in highschool in this day and age. I wanted to ask you where your inspiration comes from. I have noticed that some charecter names are simular as i continue to read your books and i wonder if these situations are things that you have seen of personally been through. You are my favorite author and you have such an amazing way of connecting with the reader. Please continue to do what you are doing because you do it oh so very well! thanks again!!
Jen Hoch

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